22nd Century Media is the fastest growing media company in Chicago because of its combination of award winning digital and physical products. From a reader’s point of view, 22nd Century Media delivers forty to fifty news stories about their town every single week in digital and physical formats, as well as providing them real-time, important information, such as keeping our residents’ calendar for them in town outside of the their home. Our readers’ attachment to our products has catalyzed our growth from a standing start nine years ago to nearly 200,000 homes, and 400,000 readers today.

From an advertisers’ point of view,  22nd Century Media provides penetration rates that are impossible to get in any other way. In fact, 22nd Century Media gets audiences in their towns that are larger than the Super Bowl! As the media world continues to fragment, 22nd Century Media reconstructs audiences by focusing on the information everyone in their towns needs to know. As 22nd Century Media grows and adds towns and cities to its family, collectively 22nd Century Media delivers a breadth and depth of an advertising footprint that cannot be replicated.

Additionally, 22nd Century Media covers communities that advertisers covet the most- towns with extremely high home ownership and attractive income demographics.

Please check out the recent publicity 22nd Century Media has received (Click HERE) and its over 100 awards it has won since its inception (Click HERE).

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Bringing Local Back

22nd Century Media began with the realization that local news was largely absent from the media. As a solution, we developed a model that not...

22nd Century Media expands into Highland Park, IL

Chicago Business Journal recently published an article about 22nd Century Media's hyperlocal focus and expansion into Highland Park on Chicago’s North Shore.



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