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How does payment work for my monthly or yearly subscription?

We offer a monthly subscription for $5.99 and/or a yearly subscription for $39. Both of these subscriptions are auto-renewing and will renew and charge at the end of each cycle unless you cancel your account.
What exactly do I get if I subscribe online and become a Plus Member?

Plus Members get access to all six North Shore publications online. You can access digital editions of each southwest paper as well as digital editions of our classifieds sections.

Email News Alerts: Plus Members can also choose from personalized newsletters and email alerts. These newsletters include Breaking News emails from each town, Need-to-Know emails regarding deadlines, important dates and information for each town, as well as ones pertaining to local schools.

Weekend Events: We also offer a Weekly Scoop email which details fun and exciting local and out-of-town events and restaurants to check out for the upcoming weekend. We offer one for adults and one for kids and families.

Contests and Giveaways: Plus Members have the chance to enter contest for free giveaways of theater tickets.

Where can I sign-up and customize my newsletters?

Newsletters can be customized to specific town news that you are interested in. Once you are logged into your account, click on “My Account” and then click on “Newsletter Subscriptions.” There you can pick and choose which type of newsletters and email alerts for the towns and topics you are most interested in receiving.
Can I submit stories or events online?

This is currently not a feature we offer. However, if you have a story idea, press release, photos from events or have an upcoming event that you are interested in listing in one of the paper’s calendar of events, you can email the editor of the paper you are interested in and submit it to them directly.
Can I have more than one person tied to the same online subscription?

Each online membership can only be associated with one email address and password. If family members wish to share access online, they must share the email and password tied to the online account
Your newspaper is already delivered to my house. Why should I subscribe online?

Your Plus subscription is so much more than your typical online subscription. Not only are you able to view your newspaper – and all other area newspapers – online, but you’re able to view them before the print version is delivered on any device. As a Plus Member you’ll also get access to many community-related features, such as weekly deals for your local businesses, exclusive events in your area, customizable alerts and notifications about breaking news, need-to-know information, and the weekly scoop on fun happenings nearby and in the city.
Can I cancel my account at any time and how do I do that?

You can cancel your account whenever you choose. To cancel your online account you must log into your account then click on “My Account”, then click on “Edit” and click “Cancel Account.” You may also contact support at to help you cancel your account or answer any questions regarding your online subscription.
If I signup for One Day Access do I have access to all area websites?

No. You only receive 24 hour access to the website you signed up from. For example, if you signed up for Beacon Plus, you only have access to articles and archives for If you would like access to all area websites, you'll have to choose an Annual or Monthly subscription.