22CM Boost offers writing services to local businesses

Published on January 28, 2019 | 4:35 pm CST

A new division from 22nd Century Media, publisher of 15 community newspapers and website, aims to share the company’s way with words with local businesses.

22CM Boost, which launched in 2018, will leverage the media company’s connection to numerous professional reporters and editors to provide businesses with writing and text solutions.

22CM Boost operates as a separate entity under the supervision of Heather Warthen, 22nd Century Media’s chief events officer who also leads the company’s marketing efforts.

Aside from offering advertising solutions on multiple platforms to serve local businesses, 22nd Century Media has put on local events and expos — such as Lady: A Women’s Expo, Active Aging and the Choice Awards — for four years. 

“22CM Boost is a natural step for us to add to our services that we offer local businesses,” Warthen said. “Boosting local business through advertisements and events is something we do well, but now we can expand and add in content and editing for our clients.

“We are fortunate enough to have an extremely talented and versatile writing and editing staff that can definitely help boost local business by utilizing their talents.”

At, which begins with the tagline “There’s a way with words. We have it,” 11 services are offered, including written press releases and corporate profiles, copy for ads and web pages, and editing and proofreading. 

As an introductory offer, the site says, all a la carte services are half off. 

Additionally, 22CM Boost offers custom packages for any business looking for comprehensive writing work, Warthen said. 

For more information on Boost, visit, contact Heather Warthen at (708) 326-9170 ext. 16 or email

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