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22nd Century Media is the best way for businesses to reach the most affluent households throughout Chicagoland. With print, digital, targeted emails, integrated marketing and events, businesses get penetration rates that are double that of even the NFL championship game!

There is no better way to have your advertising message seen and acted upon than by utilizing 22nd Century Media's vast, reliable and beloved media products.

While the media industry is fragmenting, 22nd Century Media is the one company that reassembles those audiences by providing unique, highly focused, relevant content in the areas of life that are most important to our readers. With broad distribution and  engaging information, 22nd Century Media's products provide incredible penetration rates for your advertising message. Our content has won more than 150 awards for jouranlistic excellence in just 10 years of competition. Combining that award-winning content with the distribution medium that consumers choose — whether it is digital, print or face-to-face communication — allows your message to penetrate 80% to 90% of the homes in our communities.

Our team of marketing experts will help you develop and manage a marketing plan that marries digital, print and face-to-face communications to help your business succeed. With 22nd Century Media, you can mix and match media based on your goals and your budget.

To explore the possibilities of advertising with 22nd Century Media, fill out our form below, or contact 22CM President Andrew Nicks at or (708) 326-9170.

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