Who We Are

In the early 2000s, a shift in the news industry was underway. Desperate for more readership and revenue, newspapers abandoned what made them great: local, relevant news.  Recognizing a need for local newspapers that focused and united with the community, 22nd Century Media launched its first publication, The Homerian (now The Homer Horizon) in February 2005.

As we kept residents informed in, inspired by and engaged in their communities, more newspapers followed. Then, another branch launched on the North Shore, where we applied the same strategy. Then came an events division and more services for our local clients and partners.

We became the fastest-growing publisher in the area and were a fixture in residents’ lives by working for them and with them, all the while earning critical acclaim (more than 150 journalistic awards).

We have proved that genuine local news works and are enjoying being your No. 1 provider or community services.