Who We Are

22nd Century Media was formed in 2005 around a few central ideas:
a) in the digital world, audiences will re-congregate around best of breed content providers; b) local news is the most important and relevant news to individuals because it is where they, and the people and organizations they love most, reside and c) the way in which content is delivered could be dramatically improved in terms of both the tone in which it is delivered and how it treats its audience.

Following these basic ideas, 22nd Century Media has grown from a single website and newspaper to a provider of fully interactive digital media, newspapers and events, covering nearly 200,000 households in some of the most important communities in two states.

With a commitment to excellence, as evidenced by the 136 awards it has received, a culture of teamwork and responsibility, and a healthy respect for the intelligence of our readers, 22nd Century Media has become one of the fastest growing media companies.

22nd Century Media delivers penetration rates for our readers that allows our communities to work well together by building a shared foundation of information , and penetration rates for our advertisers to get their message in front of our communities in a way that is impossible anywhere else. The way 22nd Century Media  accomplishes this unique result is through engaging, relevant content delivered through the means which our audiences prefer: whether it is digital, print, or through events that bring our communities together.