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Print is alive and well at 22nd Century Media! Our products reach nearly 300,000 residents in our coverage areas, engaging readers through content specific to their town.

Our newpapers are must-reads for residents of communities we reach, as we use hyper-focus on hyper-local. We dominate our markets to the point where a vast majority of readers say that our newspapers are cover-to-cover reads and they look forward to them every week, according to independent surveys. Critics agree, as evidenced by our 150-plus journalistic awards in just 10 years.

How can you advertise in print?

  • Weekly publications
  • Special sections throughout the year
  • Pre-print or printed inserts: Target zip codes or individual postal routes!
  • Special projects

Contact one of our sales directors for more information. 

Not sure who to call? Check out our Staff Directory to find out who is assigned to your area.

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