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22nd Century Media has been quick to add products and resources to meet the demeands of the technology age. 

In addition to our print newspapers, our news websites have engaged a growing number of users year after year (40% traffic growth in 2018). Users are becoming paying subscribers to our websites at a high rate (60% growth in 2018) thanks to our daily news updates, VIP emails and much more.

The weekly papers are uploaded to our websites as Digital Editions, giving all in-paper print advertising an online presence, and we also offer the opportunity for box ads and web-page-takeover branding — or "skins"— that allow advertisers to target specific sections of the websites with their branding elements and send users back to their business webpage.

Another online opportunity is sponsorship of online contests, which includes an exclusive box and skin ad for that page for the duration of the contest.

22nd Century Media also offers an exciting comprehensive integrated marketing program, in which we manage a multi-platform campaign that sends your message to whomever you chose in a variety of ways. We utilize our entire catalogue of products, plus incorporate social media, content generation and more. This is a can't miss for your business.

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