22nd Century Media publications were most recently recognized with 9 awards in the 2015 Better Newspaper Editorial Contest, held by the National Newspaper Association! It was the company’s fourth straight year earning at least five national awards.

Since 2008, 22nd Century Media has been recognized with 150 awards for journalistic and artistic excellence. The awards have been received at both the national, regional and state level. These awards are important statements to our readers and advertisers, whether online or in our physical products, that 22nd Century Media is delivering high-quality products that attract high-quality audiences. Readers are deeply engaged by our digital and physical products because of the excellence of our work. Our commitment to excellence is one reason why our readership surveys have shown that nearly all the households in our towns and cities view one of our products, and almost 70% rate our products excellent or very good.

Of the awards, 111 are for our articles, our design, and our community service as judged by the Illinois Press Association. 22CM upgraded to national competition in 2012 and have since been awarded 34 times, including multiple first-place honors, by the National Newspaper Association. Last year, Chicagoly magazine, despite having published only one qualifying issue, was a finalist in the Chicago Headline Club Lisagor Awards, a prestigious regional competition.

A list of some of those awards includes:

  • 111 editorial, design and community service awards from the Illinois Press Association
  • 34 editorial awards from the National Newspaper Association

Some categories include:

  • General Excellence
  • Best Example of Public’s Right to Know
  • Best Feature Story
  • Best Sports Story
  • Best Sports Section
  • Best Humorous Column
  • Best Headline Writing
  • Best Photography (in News, Sports and Feature genres)
  • Newspaper and Single Page Design
  • Illustration and Information Graphic Design
  • Community Service