22nd Century Media: Third largest media company in Chicago

Published on June 19, 2014 | 4:22 pm CDT
Editor & Publisher, a print and online publication covering the newspaper industry, recently wrote a piece highlighting 22nd Century Media and our expansion into Highland Park, Ill. Check out the article: Bringing Local Back.

Jack Ryan, Founder of 22nd Century Media, and Heather Warthen, Chief Events Officer, spoke with Associate Editor Nu Young on Apr. 14, 2014, to discuss why 22nd Century Media started, what we've done in the last nine years, and what we're going to do next. The piece was originally meant to be a brief sidebar, but turned out to be closer to a full-page story.

Young reports, "The new publication makes 22nd Century Media the third largest media company in the area behind the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune." While the media industry is fragmenting, 22nd Century Media is the one company that reassembles those audiences by providing unique, highly focused, relevant content.

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